In addition to the NPS survey, we also measure project-specific customer satisfaction after each completed project.

We develop customer cooperation

Through new kinds of cooperation models and closer interaction, we can anticipate our customers’ needs better and develop solutions that serve them in the best possible manner.

In 2013, we developed customer cooperation. An example of a new type of cooperation is the alliance contract for the Rantaväylä tunnel in Tampere in which the customer and the service providers design and implement the project as a joint organisation and share the risks and opportunities associated with the project. Through jointly created innovations, we will can reduce the disruption caused by the construction site, create cost savings and accelerate processes.

Dialogue generates new ideas

The management’s key customer meetings, launched in 2012, have become an established practice. The meetings enable us, together with our customers, to identify the customers’ needs at an early stage and define the most essential development areas related to them.

In 2014, we will develop particularly the systematic utilisation of customer and market data. 

Development on the basis of customer feedback

In 2013, we conducted our third international NPS (Net Promoter Score) customer satisfaction survey. The net promoter score is the key indicator of our customer satisfaction that measures the probability of whether consumers, companies and public administrations will recommend Lemminkäinen.

In 2013, we conducted the NPS survey in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic countries. Russia was not included in the survey this time.

In 2013, our net promoter score decreased to 23.4 (29.3). However, the share of unsatisfied customers did not increased. Instead, the number of neutral customers increased; in other words, the customer commitment rate decreased.

There were significant business- and country-specific differences in our net promoter score. For example, in many of our infrastructure construction businesses, the score continues to be at an excellent level or close to it. On the basis of the feedback received in the survey, we defined business-specific development measures in order to improve the customer experience. We will advance these measures in 2014.

We continued development activities to improve customer service, customer interaction and cooperation in 2013. For 2014, we have highlighted customer communications and the quality perceived by the customer as the most significant focus areas, and we have launched development measures regarding both of these aspects. We will conduct the next NPS survey in summer 2014.

In addition to the NPS survey, we also measure project-specific customer satisfaction by enquiring regularly from our customers about their satisfaction after completed projects.

Better service on the Internet

In 2013, we launched our Group’s renewed Finnish and English websites. This renewal developed our online service. The feedback received from a user survey indicates that it is now much easier for the website users to find the information they are looking for. The website development is continuing in 2014 with the renewal of our housing website in Finland and the continued development of our country-specific sites.