A closer look

Casimir Lindholm, Executive Vice President, Building Construction in Finland


Building quality

Purchasing an apartment is one of the largest personal investments people make, and consequently it entails a lot of emotions. The significance of quality is emphasised when one is looking for a home in a new residential property. When one buys a new apartment, it must be absolutely faultless.

We want to provide our customers with safe, healthy and functional homes that are handed over in impeccable condition. In 2013, we reinforced the importance of quality assurance in our management system.

Quality assurance is an integral part of our entire construction process. In Lemminkäinen’s residential development and construction, quality assurance starts with the plot acquisition. We want that the apartments we build are in what the buyers consider the best locations in urban growth centres. One cannot overemphasise the significance of location as the foundation of the quality experienced by the customer.

In the planning phase, quality assurance ensures the desired outcome in terms of the apartment’s functional and technical quality. In the construction phase, quality assurance culminates in a successful pre-handover inspection.

During the past year, we have harmonised and fine-tuned the scheduling of the pre-handover inspection process as well as the way it is done. In the pre-handover inspection, the apartment is always inspected from an outsider’s perspective by one of our employees from another construction site. By fine-tuning the process, we want to ensure customer satisfaction and achieve cost savings.

The final experienced quality is sealed by customer service. In 2013, the implementation of Nettikoti, a web-based additional work and alteration service, was one of our key quality assurance measures. Nettikoti helps us to expand and diversify our customer service alongside the provision of personal service. In addition, Nettikoti makes for a smoother flow of information between the customer, the sales personnel and the construction site. In 2014, we will further expand the use of this service in Finland.

We will continue our determined quality assurance work in the coming years, too. In 2014, quality will be one of our key performance indicators.