In the Rantaväylä tunnel project in Tampere, we build a tunnel by lake Näsijärvi, where traffic will be moved. This will alleviate traffic jams and free up land for residential construction.

Increasing traffic flows demand functional infrastructure

As one of the major infrastructure construction companies in Northern Europe, we offer our customer  comprehensive services — from the construction of road, street and rail networks to basic road maintenance and specialised contracting in infrastructure construction.

Although infrastructure construction has declined in Finland over several years, our order book and market share have developed favourably. In the future, we will pursue growth more strongly in other Nordic countries where the infrastructure market is growing. Our most important customers are public sector clients as well as other construction companies, industry and property owners.

In line with our new strategy, we aim to grow into one of the leading providers of demanding infrastructure solutions in Northern Europe.

A specialist in demanding infrastructure construction

Our most significant project in 2013 was the agreement for the alliance contract for the Rantaväylä tunnel in Tampere, in central Finland, together with A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy and Saanio & Riekkola Oy. When completed, the Rantaväylä tunnel will make the Tampere city centre more pleasant and attract new businesses by improving traffic arrangements in the area and rationalising land use. In the contract, a part of Rantaväylä road will be re-aligned into a tunnel, which will alleviate traffic jams and free up land by lake Näsijärvi for residential construction. The agreement was preceded by one year of planning in which our alliance developed a project implementation solution within the limits of the budget. Planning cooperation generated significant cost savings as well as solutions that will accelerate work. Joint development will also be continued in the implementation phase. Construction started in October 2013 and will continue until the end of 2017.

We continued the development of the city centre in Oulu, in northern Finland, where we are building Kivisydän, an approximately 900-space parking facility. In connection with the underground parking facility, there are maintenance premises for other city centre properties. The logistics for these properties can be handled through the underground premises, thereby alleviating the above-ground transportation. The Kivisydän project has accelerated the development of the whole city centre in Oulu.

In addition, we completed the construction of an underground parking facility in the Tapiola district of Espoo, in Finland, in summer 2013. As part of this project, we renovated the above-ground car park in Tapionaukio in accordance with architect Aarne Ervi’s original design.

Working in city centres comes with a great number of requirements to ensure that the construction site causes minimal disturbance to the surrounding life. We develop our know-how and working methods in order to minimise the harmful effects of dust, vibration and noise caused by the construction site. We also pay attention to the planning and control of construction site traffic so that trucks disrupt other traffic as little as possible. We provide residents and companies with information on the progress of construction.

We also offer services for energy infrastructure construction. In spring 2013, we started the renovation of an old dam and a power plant in Tisleifjord, Norway. We also continued the repair work at the Bergeforsen hydro-electric power plant in Sweden. The construction of a new spillage route will increase the power plant’s current production capacity.

A road network builder and repairer

We manufacture approximately six million tonnes of asphalt each year, about 40 per cent of this in Finland. We are the market leader in Finland, and our network covers the entire country. In 2012, we combined the paving, earthworks and mineral aggregates businesses' organisations. During the reporting year, we received extremely positive feedback on this approach that makes it easier for our customers to work with us.

We won several bridge renovation contracts, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in the Oulu region, in northern Finland. In these projects, our strength is our competent personnel. We allocate resources to sites so that work flows smoothly. We have developed various techniques making work easier and allowing projects to be completed faster. In December 2013, we started the construction of the Turvesolmu graded interchange and the Turveradantie street in Espoo.

In Norway, approximately 30 per cent of our net sales in paving came from state-funded projects. In addition, we started paving and renovation work at the Andøya airbase in northern Norway for the company in charge of Norwegian Armed Forces’ properties. We also participated in several other airport contracting projects.

In Sweden, our paving business concentrated especially on central and northern Sweden. We introduced a solution that enables us to improve the quality of road repair. We use a technique in which the surface of the road is broken by using a stabilisation method, and then reinforced and paved. This extends the road’s service life more than the mere renewal of paving and thus reduces lifecycle costs. This is particularly suitable for sections of road with heavy goods traffic but low traffic volumes. Thanks to the new solution, we won several road network renovation contracts.

In the Baltic countries, we expanded our service offering from paving and road construction to specialised foundation engineering. For example, we started container terminal expansion contracts in Estonia and Lithuania. In addition, we renovated sections of roads. In Russia, we received yet another paving contract for the M4 highway that connects Moscow and Sochi.

In Denmark, we started paving the new highway being built around the city of Silkeborg. As part of the contract, we innovated a working method that makes it possible to spread a larger amount of asphalt at one go. This sped up our work while also improving quality.

We are establishing a paving business development programme that covers all of our operating countries. We want to provide our customers with the highest quality of service in the industry. Our strengths include long experience, highly competent personnel and equipment expertise. Our goal is to improve the operational efficiency and the sharing of best practices across borders. We believe that this also helps us to better manage the seasonal fluctuations that are typical of the industry.

We offer public transport solutions

In 2013, we won two new contracts in the West Metro project in the Helsinki metropolitan area: the construction of the Tapiola and Matinkylä metro stations. Both of these stations are key traffic hubs, with 20,000–30,000 passengers expected to travel through them every day. In the construction of metro stations, we make use of our strong and versatile expertise in foundation and civil engineering. We also participated in the excavation work for the West Metro track and service tunnels at the Ruoholahti, Koivusaari and Urheilupuisto stations.

In April 2013, we started two projects associated with the Ring Rail Line project in the Helsinki metropolitan area: interior construction work for a section of tunnel and the construction of a station reservation for the Viinikkala station. During the summer, we replaced the Vantaankoski line’s superstructure between Kannelmäki and Myyrmäki.