Through preventative upkeep and maintenance, we help the customer save energy and create comfortable conditions for people using the property, for example.

Solutions for a comfortable working environment

We build commercial properties in Finland and Russia. In addition, we modernise existing premises to meet the current needs of working life. Technical building solutions enable us to improve the comfort level of properties.

We want to provide our customers with comfortable working environments. There are many factors that impact the comfort level of premises: modifiable space solutions, good indoor air, high-quality lighting and excellent traffic connections.

Versatile commercial premises

In 2013, only a few commercial construction projects were launched outside the Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland. An exception was the border district in eastern Finland. For example, there is a lot of construction activity in Lappeenranta. In 2013, we built a 4,000 square metre commercial premises for Disa’s Fish in Nuijamaa, among other projects.

Our largest commercial construction project in 2013 was the three-block construction site in Töölö Bay area in the heart of Helsinki that we started in 2011. All of these new office premises will comply with the criteria of the international LEED environmental certification programme. Certificates will be applied after the projects are completed. During the construction phase, we are paying particular attention to the planning of work so that the construction site does not disrupt the heavy traffic flows in the city centre.

The consortium we formed with Skanska, Freeway, started the construction of the S Group’s new logistics centre for daily consumer goods in Sipoo, in southern Finland, in June 2013. At the moment, the logistics centre is one of the largest construction projects in Finland. In its planning and execution, special attention is being paid to environmental aspects.

We are a strong partner for Finnish companies in Russia, too. We have solid experience in the construction of production facilities, for example. During the year, we started the construction of a new paint factory for Teknos in St Petersburg. In autumn 2013, we completed the first phase of Paroc’s new production facility in Tver, northwest of Moscow. We also completed the construction of the additional building for Technopolis in St Petersburg. The building complies with the LEED certification criteria.

We also modernise old premises

We have extensive expertise and a lengthy track record in the renovation projects of old properties. Our goal is to carry out the projects with minimal disruption to the daily life in the property’s surroundings.

Towards the end of 2013, we were selected to renovate the University of Helsinki-owned Aleksi7 property in the centre of Helsinki. The project will continue until the end of 2014. Once completed, the property will offer new and comfortable premises for the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

The renovation of Stora Enso’s head office in Helsinki was completed in April 2013. We refurbished the cultural-historically valuable interior, designed by Alvar Aalto, in three phases so that daily work at the head office could be continued throughout the renovation project.

In the centre of Tapiola in Espoo, Finland, Kiinteistö Oy Biens’ commercial building was completed, and the Ainoa shopping centre opened its doors in October. Ainoa is part of the development project of the centre of Tapiola, which aims to preserve Tapiola’s status as a cultural and business centre.

We want to develop new models of cooperation

We are actively involved in the development of the construction industry. We are developing new models of cooperation for circumstances in which public-sector investments are hindered by a lack of funding while the need for renovation and refurbishment of building stock increases.

One solution to this is the PPP model (Public Private Partnership) in which the service provider has the responsibility, among other things, for planning, implementing and maintaining the property throughout the term of the service agreement. These projects are often based on private funding, and the service provider may also participate in the arrangement of funding.

In 2013, we completed the construction work in an extensive PPP project in Kuopio, Finland. The project comprised the new construction and renovation work of four schools and a day-care centre. The last of the new buildings was completed in summer 2013. We will be in charge of the property’s upkeep and maintenance for the next 25 years.

We also continued the Kastelli community centre project in Oulu, started in 2012. Kastelli will house a day-care centre, morning and afternoon care, a comprehensive school, upper secondary schools for young people and adults, a library, a youth centre, an auditorium and extensive exercise facilities. The centre will include facilities for approximately 1,500 children and young people. The construction project is scheduled for completion in 2014, after which we will be in charge of the property’s upkeep and maintenance for the next 25 years.

Technical building solutions help save energy

Appropriately designed and properly maintained technical building systems allow us to improve the conditions and comfort level in a property. Our strengths in technical building solutions include a nationwide service network and a diverse range of services. We offer a wide variety of services, from contracting to upkeep and maintenance. Our preventative upkeep and maintenance services, in particular, enable us to help our customers save energy.

In February 2013, we assumed responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of technical building systems in 47 shopping centres and commercial properties owned by Citycon in Finland. Through preventative upkeep and maintenance, we help the customer save energy and create comfortable conditions for people using the property. In October 2013, we also assumed responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of Itis, the largest shopping centre in the Nordic countries, located in Helsinki.

We signed an agreement with Ilmarinen on the provision of maintenance services for its properties in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The multipart agreement covers several technical building services. In addition to basic maintenance, the agreement also includes the nationwide operational management services of electrical systems.