In its decisions on 28 November 2013, the District Court of Helsinki ordered Lemminkäinen and other asphalt industry companies to pay damages related to the asphalt cartel to 35 plaintiffs. Lemminkäinen's share of the damages is EUR 49.3 million, which consists of damages ordered to only Lemminkäinen, Lemminkäinen’s share of the damages ordered to be paid jointly and severally as well as expenses related to the damages. As, according to Lemminkäinen’s estimate, some of the other defendants that have been ordered to pay damages jointly and severally will not be able pay the shares ordered to them by the District Court, Lemminkäinen will pay shares of damages and related expenses ordered to these defendants in the amount of approximately EUR 10.4 million.With regard to the court decisions, the company recorded EUR 59.7 million in expenses under its result in the 2013 financial statements. Most of the parties have applied for an extension to the appeal period, after which the appeal must be submitted by 31 March 2014.

In addition, the company has several other individual legal proceedings related to business operations, the outcome of which is uncertain. The company estimates that these legal proceedings will not have a material impact on the company’s financial position.