Shares and shareholders

Lemminkäinen´s share and share capital

Lemminkäinen Corporation´s share (LEM1S) is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. The Company has one series of shares. Each share carries one vote at a general meeting of shareholders and confers an equal right to a dividend. On 31 December 2013, the Company had 19,650,176 shares. The Company’s share capital is EUR 34,042,500.

Share price and turnover

The price of Lemminkäinen Corporation’s share on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki was EUR 14.28 (18.72) at the beginning of the year and EUR 15.20 (14.28) at the end. The highest share price quoted was EUR 16.97 in February and the lowest EUR 13.74 in August. The average price in 2013 was EUR 15.57 (16.48). At the end of 2013, the market capitalisation of Lemminkäinen’s shares stood at EUR 298.2 million (280.6).

In addition to NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Lemmikäinen’s shares are also traded on alternative markets. Lemminkäinen´s share turnover during the period totalled 2,076,080 (1,056,039) shares. Alternative markets accounted for 15 (6) per cent of Lemminkäinen´s total share turnover. (Source: Fidessa Fragmentation Index,

In 2013, Lemminkäinen had a Liquidity Providing (LP) agreement with Nordea Bank Finland Plc. According to the agreement, Nordea Bank Finland Plc must quote both bid and offer prices for Lemminkäinen Corporation’s share such that the prices do not deviate from each other by more than 4 per cent, calculated on the bid price. The agreement was terminated at the end of year 2013.


At the end of the financial year, the company had 4,705 shareholders (4,781). Holders of nominee-registered shares and non-Finnish shareholders held 13 (14) per cent of all Lemminkäinen Corporation shares and voting rights.

Flagging notifications

Lemminkäinen did not received any flagging notifications during the year 2013.

Treasury shares

Lemminkäinen owns 34,915 of its own shares, which have been returned to the company as part of its share-based incentive scheme.

Management and Board of Director’s shareholdings

  No. of shares on
31 December 2013
No. of shares on

31 December 2012

Board of Directors 2,616,333 2,616,533
The President & CEO 17,475 8,754
Group management excluding the President&CEO 22,653 98,438
Management and Board of Directors shareholdings, total 2,656,461 2,723,725
% of all shares 14 14


Lemminkäinen's share (LEM1S)  
Listing: NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
Listing date: 1 June, 1995
Trading currency: EUR
Segment: Mid cap
Sector: Industrials
Trading code: LEM1S
ISIN code: FI0009900336
Reuters ID: LEM1S.HE
Bloomberg ID: LEM1S FH


09 10 11 12 13*
Earnings per share -1.54 0.02 1.77 2.04 -5.06
Dividend per share 0.00 0.50 0.50 0.60 0.00


09 10 11 12 13
Market capitalisation 411.9 510.8 367.8 280.6 298.2


09 10 11 12 13
Equity per share 15.71 16.55 17.75 22.56 16.52