Functional and sustainable premises for working

We build functional and comfortable commercial premises that not only revitalise cities but also last from generation to generation.

We build new commercial premises and renovate old ones in Finland and Russia. We want to provide our customers with comfortable working environments located near good traffic connections. When renovating old premises, we can also convert them to other purposes, if necessary. In 2014, our projects in Finland were concentrated even more strongly in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Functional and comfortable working environments

We are actively investigating opportunities to execute commercial construction projects that enable innovative solutions and bring services closer to residents, for example. In addition to a central location, we pay attention to ensuring that space solutions are modifiable and that technical building solutions support the comfort of the end users of the premises.

In 2014, we completed our project, launched in 2011, in the Töölö Bay area in Helsinki in which we built three office blocks as well as apartments located in connection with them. The interior of each office property was tailored according to the tenants’ needs. Each property complies with the LEED environmental certification criteria. The developer of the project was Etera.

In 2014, we also continued the construction of the S Group's logistics centre in Sipoo, in southern Finland, in cooperation with Skanska.

In Russia, we completed the Hermitage contract and the Betset factory building, among other projects. In commercial construction in Russia, we have made the strategic decision to focus on negotiated construction contracts with our long-term customers.

Modernising old premises

The renovation of old buildings is a good way to revitalise cities. We have the professional competence and expertise required for demanding renovation projects. In 2015, we will begin the renovation of the main Parliament Building. When the renovation is completed in the autumn of 2017, the Parliament will have fully restored, energy-efficient premises. In connection with this project, we renewed the Sibelius Academy concert hall during the winter of 2014–2015 to serve as a temporary Session Hall.

The use of a premises can be altered in renovation projects. In 2015, we will also begin the renovation of the Auratalo office property located in Helsinki’s Töölö district and its conversion to a hotel. Within the scope of the contract, we will completely renew the interior and technical building services of the 11-storey property. In addition, we will renovate the facade while preserving its original appearance. We are responsible for both the design and construction of the project.

Responsibility throughout the lifecycle

We want to proactively develop the construction industry and new ways of working together with our customers. New models of cooperation are needed, as lack of funding hinders public-sector investments while the need for renovation and new construction increases.

The PPP model is often used when building public projects, such as schools. It requires that the builder understands the owner's needs and the users’ needs. In the PPP model, we design and construct the buildings and see to the maintenance of the premises throughout the 25-year lifecycle responsibility.

In 2014, we completed the construction of the Kastelli community centre in Oulu, in northern Finland, and now we are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building for the next 25 years. We utilised pedagogic expertise when designing the premises as modern and modifiable learning environments. The community centre was awarded the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers’ annual RIL award. The RIL award is presented to construction projects whose planning and implementation demonstrate outstanding expertise in construction engineering. Kastelli is also the first Nordic school to be awarded the Gold level LEED for Schools certificate. In 2014, we also started the construction of a new PPP project in Pudasjärvi, in northern Finland. This timber school for 800 students will be completed in 2016.