Occupational safety and environment

The goal of Lemminkäinen’s occupational safety measures is to create a safe working environment for all employees and subcontractors. Lemminkäinen is committed to the shared occupational safety principles of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, which aims to accelerate the construction industry’s progress towards the zero-accident target.

In 2014, Lemminkäinen continued to harmonise the rules for occupational safety in all of our operating countries. In addition, the company included the subcontractors’ site accident frequency rate in its safety statistics.

Lemminkäinen minimises the environmental impact of its operations by using natural resources as sparingly as possible and by using recycled materials in our production, among other measures. The company invests in safeguarding biodiversity by developing post-extraction measures in its mineral aggregate areas. Lemminkäinen constantly develops its production technology in order to reduce its energy consumption and environmental impact.

At the Group level, Lemminkäinen measures energy consumption figures and the environmental impact of its production facilities in Finland. Each business segment monitors the indicators relevant to their business.

More detailed information on Lemminkäinen’s occupational safety and environmental issues are presented in the company’s Annual Report and on its website.