The company had 4,532 shareholders (4,705) at the end of 2014. Nominee-registered and non-Finnish shareholders held 13 per cent (13) of all Lemminkäinen Corporation shares and voting rights. Information on company ownership and division by segment and scale, major shareholders, and share ownership of Executive Team members and the Board of Directors is available on the company’s website,

Shareholder agreements

The company is not aware of any agreements between shareholders that would have a significant bearing on the use of ownership rights or voting behaviour at general meetings of shareholders.

Flagging notifications

The company received one flagging notification in 2014 (on 22 August 2014). Lemminkäinen Corporation’s shares held by Noora Forstén decreased from 1,966,073 shares, i.e. 10.0 per cent of all shares, to 1,866,073, i.e. 9.5 per cent, decreasing below 10 per cent of all shares and votes in Lemminkäinen Corporation.