The company has one share class. Each share carries one vote at a general meeting of shareholders and confers an equal right to a dividend. Lemminkäinen’s share capital is EUR 34,042,500 and the total number of shares was 23,219,900 at the end of the financial year. In 2014, Lemminkäinen conducted a rights offering, which increased the number of shares by 3,569,724. The subscription price of the offer shares was EUR 8.20 per share, and the company raised gross proceeds of approximately EUR 29.3 million (net proceeds of EUR 27.3 million) through the offering.

Trading with shares

At the end of 2014, the market capitalisation of Lemminkäinen’s shares stood at EUR 220.9 million (298.2). The price of Lemminkäinen Corporation’s share on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki was EUR 15.20 (14.28) at the beginning of the 2014 and EUR 9.52 (15.20) at the end. In addition to the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Lemminkäinen’s share is also traded on alternative markets. A total of 1,268,320 shares (2,076,080) were traded during 2014, of which alternative markets accounted for 14 per cent (15). (Source: Fidessa Fragmentation Index)

Treasury shares

At the end of 2014, Lemminkäinen owned 16,687 of its own shares.