1 Adjustments concerning prior periods

Adjustment to consolidated cash flow statement

The company has adjusted figures preceding cash flows from operating activities presented in the consolidated cash flow statement. The adjustment does not have an effect on the company's consolidated income statement or statement of financial position. Neither does it affect the cash flows from operating, investing or financing activities.

Impacts of the adjustments on comparison year's cash flow are shown in the table below.

1 Jan–31 Dec 2013
EUR 1,000
Cash flow before adjustments Adjustments Adjusted cash flow
Other adjustments -10,042 5,285 -4,757
Cash flows before change in working capital -56,127 5,285 -50,842

Financial items -18,574 -7,000 -25,574
Direct taxes paid -202 1,715 1,513

Impact of the changes in accounting principles on comparison year's segment reporting figures

Lemminkäinen has changed its accounting principles for segment reporting as of 1 August 2014. According to the changed accounting principle, only continuing operations are included in the segment reporting income statement figures. As a consequence, income statement items in the company’s segment reporting complies with the consolidated financial statement’s accounting principles. The comparison periods' figures have been adjusted to comply with the new accounting principle.