14 Discontinued operations


Lemminkäinen announced on 14 May 2014 that it has divested its Technical building services business by selling the entire share capital of Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka Oy. The transaction was completed on 13 June 2014 and the total purchase price is EUR 55.4 million. The company recorded a pre-tax gain on sale of EUR 23.6 million to the second quarter of 2014. The company classified Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka Oy as discontinued operation at the time of sale. The comparative consolidated income statement information for the financial period 2013 have been adjusted correspondingly. The financial position for the year 2013 include all assets and liabilities attributable to the discontinued operations.

EUR 1,000 1 Jan–31 Dec 2014 1 Jan–31 Dec 2013
Profit from the discontinued operations

Income 77,403 198,388
Expenses 77,815 199,820
Profit before taxes -412 -1,432
Taxes 55 4,138
Profit for the financial period -358 2,705

Pre-tax gain on sales of the businesses 23,621
Taxes -133
Gain on sale after taxes 23,488

Profit for the period from discontinued operations 23,130 2,705

EUR 1,000
Cash flows from discontinued operations

Cash flow from operating activities
Cash flow from investing activities
Cash flow from financing activities
Cash flows total

EUR 1,000
The impact of the sale on Group's financial position

Cash consideration received
Transferred assets and liabilities
Other related items
Gain on sale


At the end of 2013 the company did not have any discontinued operations or assets classified as held-for-sale.