We take care of personnel well-being

The majority of our personnel work in physically demanding conditions at construction sites. This may leave them susceptible to occupational diseases and injuries and increase the risks of disability and early retirement. Therefore, we ensure that our entire personnel has access to occupational healthcare and occupational well-being services that support health maintenance and coping at work. Our occupational healthcare is arranged in accordance with the local operating model in each of our operating countries.

Good results in improving occupational health and well-being through the early support model

We focus on preventive measures and the early identification of potential risks to working capacity in particular. We believe that healthy and contented employees accomplish the best results and are satisfied with their work.

In Finland, we use the early support model for working capacity, which helps us to improve occupational well-being and lengthen the careers of our personnel. In addition, we identify persons with reduced working capacity through a regular health survey. We want to find the tasks that are suitable for everyone’s individual working capacity.

The early support model has steadily decreased sickness absences for a couple of years in a row. In 2014, the sickness absence percentage in Finland was 2.56% (2.67). Occupational healthcare consultations are also part of our management of risks related to working capacity. During a consultation, the employee and his/her supervisor, together with the occupational healthcare service, discuss solutions to support working capacity. We offer our employees the opportunity to retrain or help them to reorganise their current duties with the help of coaching.

During 2015, our goal is to look into the arrangement of employee healthcare in different operating countries and thus establish a foundation for standardised operating models and policies.