Aino residential complex – record-breaking construction time

The Aino residential complex is located in the centre of St Petersburg, in Russia, in the historical district on Vasiliyevsky Island. A thirteen-storey building comprises six interconnected sections. The Aino residential complex was built in two phases and completed in 2013 and 2014. An underground heated parking facility is designed for 156 parking spaces. The ground floor of the Aino residential complex accommodates commercial premises.

Unique technical solutions

The unique technologies of the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient construction have been implemented in the Aino residential complex and are incorporated in the building structure, its engineering systems and apartment layouts. All apartments were fitted with a smart-house system, which allows automatic optimisation and control of the heating system of the apartment. The building has also its own gas boiler plant equipped with weather-dependent automation that controls the heat supply depending on the outdoor temperature. We always use environmentally friendly finishing materials from the leading European manufacturers.

Ahead-of-schedule commissioning

The construction of the second stage of the Aino residential complex started at the end of 2013. Thanks to the structural solutions and the well-coordinated three-shift operations, we reduced the installation time of one floor in three sections to 7 days, with one of those days used for setting of concrete. That allowed us to construct the building faster than planned. The first residents have already moved into their new homes.

A historical kindergarten

In September 2014, we handed over to the City of St Petersburg a kindergarten located in the Aino residential complex. The kindergarten in Aino is the first social facility that was constructed by the contractor at their expense and handed over to the City as a part of the city infrastructure. The kindergarten is designed for 60 children and houses the spaces for three age groups, a hall for musical and sports activities, a kitchen, a medical office and staff offices. The kindergarten opened in January 2015.