A Closer Look

A complex infra project on the mountains of western Norway


An expert in versatile and complex infrastructure construction

We have substantial experience in complex infrastructure construction in northern Europe. Our areas of special expertise include challenging urban environments and traffic projects, as well as major industrial and power plant projects. In addition, we offer versatile specialised contracting services for the construction of underground facilities, demanding foundation engineering and foundation reinforcement, to name just a few.

In line with our strategy, we aim to grow into one of the leading providers of infrastructure construction solutions in selected business areas in northern Europe. We seek growth especially in Sweden and Norway.

A solid foundation for profitable growth

For us, 2015 was a year of strengthening the foundation of our operations. We placed special emphasis on improving operational efficiency by developing our internal processes and tools, among other things. The streamlining of our internal processes enables us to serve our customers better, too. With determined actions, we have been building a solid foundation for profitable growth.

In all operating countries, we need strong country organisations that thoroughly understand the local needs of our customers and networks and are also capable of anticipating these needs. In 2015, we focused on reinforcing our country organisations in Sweden, Norway and the Baltic countries. We also developed our procurement function. Procurement plays a key role in project construction, as about 60‒70% of our operations consists of subcontracting.

Complex projects completed

In 2015, our completed projects in Finland included the Kivisydän underground parking facility in northern Finland, in the centre of Oulu, with more than 900 parking spaces. The parking facility makes it possible to further develop the city centre and increases its attractiveness.

In southern Finland, we also completed an exceptional project: the ski jumping hill renovation contract and the renewal of the in-run tracks and landing slope in the Lahti Sports Centre. The contract included diverse earthworks and foundation engineering tasks.

In Tallinn, Estonia, we completed the Rotermann underground parking facility in the city’s culturally and historically rich centre.

In Sweden, we operated as a subcontractor in Förbifart Stockholm tunnel contract. 

New demanding infra projects underground and above

In the autumn of 2015, we started the excavation project for Småkraft AS’s hydropower plants in an exceptionally challenging mountainous environment in western Norway. The project consists of tunnel construction, concrete work and dams. As the location is difficult to access, we use construction site office floating in the fjord, for example. The project will be completed in late 2016.

In Lofoten in northern Norway, we launched an infrastructure project in the heavily trafficked Kanebogen intersection. The contract covers the widening of the road, the construction of two new roundabouts and the excavation of a 40-metre tunnel for pedestrians and bicycles.

In Finland, we launched several major infra projects. In Blominmäki, Espoo, we started the construction of a wastewater treatment plant. We are responsible for the excavation of the underground caves for the new wastewater treatment plant and for rock support works. Our work will continue until 2018.

In Estonia, we launched the demanding repair project of the Tihase tunnel collector in Tallinn. The tunnel collector gathers wastewater and storm water from two large residential areas and conducts them to the wastewater treatment plant in Paljassaare. The tunnel collector is in use throughout the repair project. The contract will continue into 2016.

Smooth traffic connections for growing cities

During 2015, we had several urban transport infrastructure development projects underway, especially in Finland.

One of the significant transport infrastructure projects in the Helsinki metropolitan area is Espoo’s West Metro. In previous years, we completed several excavation contracts for the West Metro, and currently we have three underground station contracts underway: Tapiola, Niittykumpu and Matinkylä. The station contracts continued as planned throughout 2015 and will be completed in 2016.

In Pasila, Helsinki, an entirely new city district, Central Pasila, is being built. We are involved in the development of the area. During 2015, we carried out repairs on Pasilankatu street, realigned tram rails and replaced municipal infrastructure. In addition, on the district’s busy Teollisuuskatu street, we are building a new concrete-structure tunnel, two bridges, superstructures and green structures.

We are also participating in the development of Tampere, where we are building the longest road tunnel in Finland, over 2.3 kilometres, as part of a cooperative alliance. In addition to the tunnel, we will construct two graded interchanges and related road arrangements in the area. Upon completion, the Rantaväylä tunnel will improve the flow and safety of traffic and contribute to the development of Tampere city centre. Tunnel excavation was completed in the summer of 2015. Thanks to the alliance co-operation, we are ahead in schedule, and our goal is to open The Rantaväylä tunnel to traffic in the end of 2016.

The alliance contract project is pioneering in its field in Finland. In the alliance contract, the customer, the designer and the construction company design and implement the project as a joint organisation with shared goals. The model encourages open cooperation and innovation. Shared risks and benefits ensure that the parties have shared interests and guarantee the overall economic efficiency of the project.

Urban infra projects benefit all of society

Most northern European urban centres are in constant need of new apartments and smoother traffic connections, as urbanisation is advancing quickly. Increasing traffic flows require infrastructure solutions that are planned and implemented with care and foresight. The best outcome is achieved when projects are carried out in cooperation with different parties.

Well-planned urban infra projects are social investments that generate economic growth through residential construction, jobs and tax revenue. Together with different operators in society, we participate actively in the development of new kinds of cooperation and financing models so that demanding infra projects can be carried out in a manner that best serves future needs and ensures the best overall economic efficiency.